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Dec 5, 2021

Pastor Scott Engebretson continues our Advent series on Joy. Have you found Joy easy in your life? Or is true Joy harder to find than you realize?

Nov 28, 2021

Founding Jay Pathak kicks off our annual series on Advent discussing how hope should play a vital role in our spiritual journey.

Nov 14, 2021

Pastor Becca Knudsen continues our Every Week series addressing the reasons we take communion and baptize in our community. 

Oct 3, 2021

Pastor Scott Engebretson talks about how import gathering or worship is on Sunday mornings. 

Sep 26, 2021

Founding Pastor Jay Pathak kicks off a new series called Every Week. The series will focus on the reasons why we are called to gather and what we are trying to do when we gather. This week the question is why Sundays.