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Apr 7, 2024

Pastor Scott Engebretson kicks off our new series Mealtime with Jesus by revealing the most common activity we see Jesus engaging in...eating with people. Maybe we might consider inviting people to meals could be the best way to have them experience Jesus. 

Mar 31, 2024

He is Risen! This Easter Pastor Scott Engebretson talks about how the Ressurection changed everything about how we can now relate to God. 

Mar 17, 2024

This week Pastor Scott Engebretson highlights the story of Jesus feeding the thousands and how Jesus isn't just looking to fill our stomachs but asking us to participate with him in his miracles. 

Mar 10, 2024

Executive Pastor Becca Knudsen continues our Lent series looking at the story of the Man at the Healing Pool. Jesus asks a very important question: Do you want to get well? It is an important question for us to consider if we are desperate to find healing in our life. 

Mar 3, 2024

Pastor Scott Engebretson continues our Lent series looking at the story of the Woman at the Well and asking us to consider the ways that Jesus comes towards us and offers us new life in him.