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Jan 22, 2023

Do you like to run? Maybe it's not your favorite activity but it is a helpful metaphor for what life in Christ should look like. This week Pastor Scott Engbretson takes us through Phillipians 3 where Paul calls us into a life striving for Christ. 

Jan 15, 2023

Founding Pastor Jay Pathak continues our Better Choices series discussing how if we don't consider the choices of our past it is hard to expect our future to change. 

Jan 8, 2023

Pastor Scott Engebretson kicks off the first series of the New Year talking about the choices that we make. This week we discuss the first poor choice which still effects us today. 

Dec 18, 2022

Pastor Becca Knudsen wraps up our Advent series teaching about the Peace God offers us and how this peace was shown through the birth and life of John the Baptist. 

Dec 11, 2022

Pastor Scott Engebretson highlights the Magi in the story of the birth of Jesus to show how God brings Joy to us in this season.