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Jan 28, 2024

As the Vineyard we belive the Kingdom of God is the hope of hte world. In todays message, Pastor Scott Engebretson challenges us on how to live our life in Awe of God. 

Jan 21, 2024

Pastor Scott Engebretson continues our Reset series looking at how we live out our life with Jesus in community and how this kind of living requires sacrifice. 

Jan 14, 2024

Continuing in our new series, Pastor Hannah Engebretson asks us to think about how we play a role in becoming the person we are meant to be and considering what you are devoted to and how that is shaping you. 

Jan 7, 2024

Pastor Scott Engebretson kicks off the new year with our Reset series. In this series we will look at not just making new resolutions but considering what are the values we should live out in our own lives and do these values correspond with the teachings of the Bible.